One of the many benefits of the products are their great versatility which allow you to mix it with your favorite food and enjoy in different ways throughout your day.

Nutri drink -  Start you morning healthy drink, mix 2 scoops Nutri Plus to 250 - 300ml lukewarm water, shake well or stay for 5 min before taking. Can continue your light breakfast.

Oatmeal or Cereal  – ideal as a breakfast take 3-4 spoonfuls of oats or cereal add 300ml hot water, when oats has became soft add 1-2 scoops of Nutri Plus, mixed well before to consume, optional to add fresh fruit, nuts, dried fruits, yoghurt etc. (if the mixture is too thick can add extra water ormilk)

Smoothies  Add 1 -2 scoops of Nutri Plus to 250-300ml milk, strawberries, papaya etc. The powder has a mild natural pandan flavor which is ideal to add on to your favorite smoothie.  You can also mix  in with your fruit juice or sprinkle it onto your breakfast cereal.

  • Banana – With a stick blender combine a small banana, 200mls of low fat milk and a 1-2 scoop of Nutri Plus.
  • Mango – As above – just substitute the banana with mango – delicious.
  • Yoghurt Smoothie – With a stick blender combine a few tablespoons of your favorite low fat yoghurt, 200mls of low fat milk and 1-2 scoops of Nutri Plus.

On its own – Origins Nutri Plus can be blended into 250ml lukewarm water /low fat milk as a healthy light breakfast / in between meal drink.

On the go – For busy people just blend 1-2 scoops into your morning tea / coffee !! 

Oat Snack Bar -  Mix 2 scoops of Nutri Plus  to 2 cups of oat, add some mixed dry fruits and nuts, 300ml fresh milk into the mixture, let the mixture stand for 15min before pouring mixture to a baking pan, put pan into oven for 25min (preheat oven 300 F). Have your healthy oat snack for afternoon tea ! Keep the remain snack in fridge for next day.   Optional to add sugar/syrup.





Private Kitchen 

Start your day with Origins Nutrilife Nutri Plus Beta-Glucan :


A short 20-30min morning exercise is a good practice eg. fast / brief walking, tai chi, cycling, swimming etc.

Option 1) Mix 1-2 scoops of Nutri Plus with 250-300ml lukewarm water or juice, smoothie, yoghurt etc.

Option 2) Sprinkle Nutri Plus on Rolled Oat / Quick Oat  (can pre-mixed oat with milk  and keep in the fridge to save morning rush !), optional to add dried fruits, nuts, seeds on your oat  when serving.

Option 3) Sprinkle Nutri Plus on your cereal and banana sliced over the top..

Follow by a light breakfast eg.  1-2 slices of wholemeal bread with low sugar jam /  hard boil egg / fruits

Lunch :

Small portion of carbohydrate food (eg. rice, noodle, brown bread etc), plenty of green vegetable, lean meat / fish 

Mid Afternoon Treat :

Option 1.  Mix 1 or 2 scoops of Nutri-Plus with 250-300ml lukewarm water or juice, smoothie, yoghurt etc.

Option 2. Snack with dry fruits, seeds & nuts eg. walnut, almond, cashew etc

Option 3. Fresh fruits - apple / orange / grape fruit etc  (for diabetes please cut portion to avoid sugar spike on certain fruits)

Follow by : 1-2 glasses of lemon water  in between meals daily.

Dinner :  Choose one option

Option 1.  Small portion of spaghetti or fresh noodle (not instant noodle) and plenty of steam green vegetables with minced chicken and fresh tomato sauce (canned tomato is ok)

Option 2.  Tofu soup with vegetables

Option 3. Pumpkin soup with 2 slices of wholemeal bread.

Option 4.  Salad with shredded chicken meat /  tuna fish / salmon (canned tuna/salmon fish is ok)

Option 5.  Steam or lightly stir-fried green vegetables eg. broccoli, sweet potato leaves, bok choy etc. 

A short 20-30min exercise after dinner is encouraging eg. fast walk, cycling, etc.

Remarks : 

1) Some people may experience tiredness for the first few days after taken Nutri Plus drink as your body is adapting to your body changes. If the symptom continue reduce the consumption volume - take 1 scoop instead of 2 scoops.

2) If you are looking for weight management, beside taking Nutri Plus drink , for best result is to cut portion of carbohydrate in your daily meals, practice healthy eating lifestyle (low fat, low sugar, high fiber), you may see improvement within three months.

it’s important to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet, to eat a variety of healthy food in moderation, in an appropriate portions and at regular intervals.

3) Avoid : oily and deep fried food, burger, soft drinks, cakes, sweet treats etc (check with dietitian)

4) Regular exercise : morning walk, yoga, dancing, tai chi etc (do not overworked your body)

5) Have a break to relax from work and manage your stress level.

6) For diabetic people please monitor your sugar intake or cut portion. Sugar can be transformed from rice, bread, fruits, cake,  sweets etc. Please speak to your dietitian or doctor.

Advice from doctor and dietitianTo maintain a balance healthy lifestyle, daily exercise, plenty of green vegetable and fruit,  good healthy food and positive spirit is vital.

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